I've Got Your Back (Magical Girl Escort) 11"x14" Print - Morgan Cerese Art

I've Got Your Back (Magical Girl Escort) 11"x14" Print

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The inspiration behind this piece stems from "Magical Girl" genre of anime. Typically, in this genre of anime, ordinary girls go through strange situations that give them the extraordinary power to fight evil. The most popular example of a Magical Girl anime is Sailor Moon.

What if instead of the fighting dangerous villains from the very start, they had to complete simpler missions and learn to control their superpowers? In this illustration, a magical girl in-training is escorting a young and scared girl through a dark alley to protect her from danger. Even though it's an easy mission with her power and weapon, she takes it very seriously!

Artwork is printed onto 100 lb matte coated cover stock.

Please allow up to 2 business days for processing.
A tracking number will be sent when the package has shipped.

1. The appearance of colors may vary from monitor to monitor.
2. Print will be at full resolution.
3. Photo frames are not automatically included; please select a frame option if you'd like one.


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