About the Artist

Morgan Cerese

My name is Morgan Cerese and I am an artist based in the South Florida area.

I first started drawing in May 2009 and since then I've been practicing with various mediums, taken many art classes, and refining my skills.

I graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2015 with a BA in Multimedia Studies: Film, Video, and New Media.

I love creating pieces that are based on themes such as magic, surrealism, spirituality, and escapism. My goal is to touch your heart with my artwork and most importantly, have fun! 

If you found me via Crystal Gem Shop, I started wire wrapping in 2015 (during my senior year of college) and that same year I opened my own online shop to sell my creations. 

Art in all forms can be an exciting journey and I'm happy to be an artist!



Voyage MIA - http://voyagemia.com/interview/rising-stars-meet-morgan-cerese-of-miami-gardens/