"Earth Is So Ghetto" Is Everyone's Current Mood

Have you ever felt tired of living on planet Earth? Do you feel like there has to be more out there than what we experience on a daily basis? My art piece "Earth Is So Ghetto" captures that feeling perfectly while sprinkling in some humor about this feeling.
The purpose of this artwork is to comment on the struggles we face as a society, whether it be poverty, discrimination, or environmental issues. The phrase "Earth Is So Ghetto" points out the ways in which we have failed to create a fair and just world for everyone to live in.
There is a feeling of helplessness on an individual level, which is why the woman is the lone subject in this illustration. There is this feeling of wanting to be taken to another planet to escape Earth's problems.
If you resonate with the message behind "Earth Is So Ghetto," consider purchasing a print or other merchandise from my online shop. Not only will you be supporting an independent artist, but you will also be displaying a powerful and funny statement piece in your home or office.

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