"Palo Santo That Shit" - A Spiritual Reminder in Art

As humans, we carry energy within us that can be positive or negative. It's important to cleanse our energy from time to time, and many people do this by burning sage or palo santo. Palo santo is a South American tree that has been used for centuries in spiritual practices to clear negative energy and promote healing.

Inspired by this tradition, I created "Palo Santo That Shit," an acrylic painting that depicts a dark-skinned hand holding a stick of burning palo santo. The painting serves as a spiritual reminder to cleanse and release negative energy. It's a beautiful and meaningful addition to any space, particularly for those who are already familiar with the power of palo santo.

In addition to the original painting, "Palo Santo That Shit" is available as art prints, compact mirrors, and mousepads.

Investing in this piece is investing in your own spiritual wellbeing. It's a reminder to take care of yourself and to let go of negative energy. Place it in a prominent location in your home or office, or carry it with you as compact mirror.

Remember, when negative energy creeps in, Palo Santo That Shit!

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